Nature Inspires

Nature is my best friend. It's shocking that I live in Los Angeles. I feel best when I'm in nature. I really do feel in another lifetime I once lived in the woods by the sea.  Or perhaps this is where I am headed. We are one with nature.  This seems to make the most sense to me.  So many of us love to gather and collect Mother Earth's treasures.  I love finding sticks, rocks, pinecones, shells, acorns, feathers, flowers etc. I think we were all medicine women and men in past lives and we still are but have become so disconnected with the natural world around us.  Like it's laughed at or weird to sit under a tree.  "Look at that tree-hugger."  Well, I think it's pretty weird to sit in a car in traffic for hours on a highway.  "Look at that car-dweller burning fossil fuels."  

You will see many of my findings of nature's treasures incorporated in my art. This photo are treasures found from a hike above Cannon Beach in Oregon.